We’re a design agency with wide ranging expertise in brand building, web development, graphic design and advertising.

We are

Gary Sutherland

Director of Strategic Projects

Claims he’s a trained killer.

Mark Kemp

Managing Director

He believes Robert De Niro would play him in a movie… haha

Stacey Barr


Dream dinner guests include Joaquin Phoenix, Danny Dyer & Cheryl Cole.

Stewart Ainslie


Has been seen jumping barechested through fire…

Ryan Roberts


Lens lover.

Stuart Whitehead


Has a surprising fascination of tropical fruits.

Rebecca Taylor

Digital Director

Is happiest in a water park.

Justine Ballantyne

Account Executive

Wondering why Stewart Ainslie boings.

Sam Longmire

Senior Creative Designer

Dreams of cold water, 5mm neoprene and offshore winds.

Our work